Turn and do not burn : 12/100

I had a lot to say but none of it sounded great today. So now I have 3 drafts going for future posts.

Haven’t thought about ATP since high school biology.

Workout Details:

Bison, not Buffalo

This week is a rest week in my training. It is the 6th week of a 12 week program focused on getting my base fitness to a solid foundation. I was expecting to be exhausted all week. Yesterday I woke up and took my time and had planned on skipping the strength workout. By the end of the work day I was recovered and ready to do the workout.

Today’s prescription was a 1 hour ride at level 2. Turn and do not burn. I took a left out of the driveway and headed up highway 184 towards the town of Dolores. I went out about 30 minutes and then came home. The air was a little cold but once I got moving in the sun everything was good to go.

Overall the ride was great and today was pretty solid overall.


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  1. You’re going to inspire me to get a bike. Road cycling is not respected by motorists around here, and the roads are generally too windy and narrow for safe cycling (unless you can keep pace with the cars), but there’s a lot of great mountain biking nearby.

    1. Very cool!
      Yeah riding on the roads can be tricky in certain areas. That said one thing I notice riding here is that the truckers are the most friendly. While the Subaru’s are the least. Go figure.
      For trails use this site: https://www.trailforks.com/

      If you are looking at bikes I really like the idea of ordering one from here: https://www.canyon.com/en-us/

      However everyone is low on stock right now. There’s a double whammy happening:
      1) supply got messed up when China closed
      2) demand is way up as people avoid public transport and are looking for ways to exercise without a gym

      Feel free to hit me up with questions about bike types. I’ll do some posts about them too.

      Now I want a new bike! 😂

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