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  • Standing up before the light turns off

    These people are not paying attention. Either willingly or unwillingly they have played their cards.

  • Perception: dim

    I’m reading Meditations for the first time and it’s a good one for this time in my life. I took a substantial amount of philosophy classes at university. I was interested but my limited life experience meant a t was distant for me to comprehend. I understood the words but not necessarily the set and […]

  • How Did We Get Here? – Dive Into HTML5

    How Did We Get Here? – Dive Into HTML5 — Read on It’s wild to read about the start of the web. All of this happened while I was in high school and then undergrad at CU Boulder. I was aware of some of it. I recall someone telling me in 1996 to start […]

  • Starting with sunrise

    Starting with sunrise

    For most of my life I abhorred sunrise. I was not and still am not a morning person. What has changed is that I now wake up before sunrise on the reg. This is not something I have chosen. Rather it has chosen me. Now that I get up early and see the sun rise […]

  • Finding the route

    Finding the route Last weekend I did this ride in part to find a better way down the mountains to the east of my home. The Mancos Spur Trail is a collection of trails that connect my town of Mancos to the Colorado Trail. It is primarily a hiking trail and isn’t the most friendly for riding […]

  • A good day to ride

    A good day to ride Good day to ride fast. We got Kate a new/used road bike. So we had to do a 27.8 mile break in ride around our neighborhood. I like this ride cause about 30 minutes in we stop at the local coffee shop For caffeine and cherry tarts. We also spend half the ride or […]

  • 59 miles and a Birthday

    59 miles and a Birthday

    We got in our first big ride of the 2022 cycling season last Saturday. It was our friend Ondine’s birthday so we rode her age in miles. It’s something Kate and her parents have done for a number of years and now our friends are participating. Ondine came up with a course that went near […]

  • wordpress testflight at DuckDuckGo

    DuckDuckGo. Privacy, Simplified. — Read on This is a classic block as the share sheet on iOS only allows that for now. The block editor is coming to mobile gradually.

  • WordPress for iPhone Forums » Requests and Feedback

    I’m testing the iOS share sheet for the WordPress app. My concern is that I can only publish it live to my site. I’d like to be able to create a draft as well. So I’m doing this test to then share with the devs. Pardon the mess. The main reason I want this feature […]

  • What is Customer Experience?

    The most basic definition of customer experience is self explanatory: how a customer experiences your brand from marketing and sales, to onboarding and support, renewal or cancellation, and finally referral or 1-star review. Customer experience is simple: it’s everything. 🤔 In the last 5 to 30 years the term Customer Experience(CX) has become a major […]