Happy new year

Twenty twenty four here we go!

My goals for this year are not quite setup yet. Take this as a rough or first draft:

  • Complete Base training program
  • Find a few bike races
  • Find some epic bike rides
  • Fix my front MTB tire
  • Follow professional bike racing beyond the major tours
  • Continue to improve right ring finger flexion
  • Stay healthy

Pretty generic at the moment but it’s 7:35am and I’m still waking up.

What are your goals this year?


2 responses to “Happy new year”

  1. Stay healthy. You should try to be more realistic with your goals! 😅 Just kidding. I have that one on my mental list as well! If I manage it, it’ll be the first time since I got into endurance sports ~4-5 years ago.

    1. Ha indeed! Breaking my finger last year was somewhat of a fluke but I could have done better with bike maintenance that may have prevented the crash. It’s been a challenging few months since the surgery but therapy has helped a lot and I was cleared to start riding outdoors again last week.

      From a getting sick perspective I’ve been pretty good about avoiding overtraining with the various training plans I’m using.

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