Skate ski season and therefore drills

We have had a late snow season in MacOS, Colorado, and the entire United States this year. This has delayed my interest in skate skiing. I have also been extra cautious about my finger injury.

For the next week we are getting three snow storms giving us anywhere from a foot to two feet of snow. With that the ski park, Chicken Creek Nordic Center, a few miles from home should open shortly. Reducing my commute to the currently open parks, Lizard Head, Priest Lake, Durango, and Telluride, by at least an hour.

My goals this year is to improve my skating technique. I’m doing well with the basics of standing and balancing. Now it’s time to start flying.

In skate skiing there are five generally agreed upon styles for propelling oneself down the track:

  • Diagonal
  • Offset(V1)
  • One skate(V2)
  • Two skate(V2 Alternate)
  • Free skate

Currently I’m pretty good at Diagonal and Offset(V1). The next evolution is to use One Skate(V2) as it’s the most efficient in terms of power vs speed.

The following link is for a video on an excellent set of training drills for improving my technique. I like the combination of dry land and on snow drills. I can do the dry land ones anywhere anytime. Then on snow I can reduce the motions into pieces and build into the complete movement.

One skate box drills

I’ll let you know how it’s going.


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