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  • A good day to ride Good day to ride fast. We got Kate a new/used road bike. So we had to do a 27.8 mile break in ride around our neighborhood. I like this ride cause about 30 minutes in we stop at the local coffee shop For caffeine and cherry tarts. We also spend half the ride or […]

  • Possibly the best thing

    We built a shower into the garage for dog washing, but if we had children I could see it being equally useful. When we lived in the trailer dirt was just a fact of life. Now that we are in a house it is refreshing to have as little dirt as possible. Now Dazey and […]

  • 59 miles and a Birthday

    We got in our first big ride of the 2022 cycling season last Saturday. It was our friend Ondine’s birthday so we rode her age in miles. It’s something Kate and her parents have done for a number of years and now our friends are participating. Ondine came up with a course that went near […]

  • New bike day: Canyon Stoic 4

    In December I had a new bike day but that bike was a bit too small and there were no larger sizes in stock. I returned it and then focused on rafting in Mexico and snowboarding for the winter. I kept looking at used bikes online, but nothing was inspiring me to spend over $3k […]

  • Mourning Loss of a Team Member as a Remote Team

    Damn. This is a rough reality of remote work. We need to be checking in on each other not just for deadlines but because we give a shit about each other. I struggle with wanting meetings to be super efficient so that I can get back to work, and spending some pre meeting time with […]

  • Ready to Ride

    It is getting warmer here in southwest Colorado, but the winds have arrived too. It may be 52℉ but the windchill makes it feel like 30℉. So I am ready to ride my bikes, but it’s just a bit on the cold side still. In the meantime I am binging on Youtube videos about riding […]

  • Turns out: Email not dead

    Telegram’s founder and CEO has responded to the Brazilian Supreme Court’s order to suspend the app in the country… by blaming email for the company’s failure to respond to orders. — Read on It seems strange to ask a vendor or government to change an email to use, and not leave the old address […]

  • Word of the day: Philomath

    I took one of those personality tests today as I needed to write about myself. It turns out that I’m bad about writing about myself so this gave me some filler content to use. Anyway… In the results I was identified as a philomath which is a word I had never seen before. The definition […]

  • Patience is practice

    I’ve been struggling to wake up and motivate for my workout this week. It’s partially that I’m not sleeping well but also that I’m overthinking things. I’m sure this is due to moving into my new position at work. Before I got out of bed this morning I committed my worst sin and checked my […]

  • Eleven

    Yesterday was the eleventh anniversary of our wedding on 3/11/11. Last year we went on a week long bike ride through southeastern Arizona. This year we took a long weekend and are gonna get four days of skiing and snowboarding in at Crested Butte ski resort. Neither of us have visited Crested Butte in the […]

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