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  • Getting started with rowing

    Getting started with rowing

    I returned the really expensive mountain bike a few weeks ago. It was too small and I also don’t need a super duper high end mountain bike. I don’t need to go any faster than I already go. In the meantime the ground is covered in snow and riding a bike out of doors is […]

  • 1 year review – Apple Fitness+

    1 year review – Apple Fitness+

    A year ago Apple came out with its streaming workout video program known as Apple Fitness+. I have been using it off an on the the last 12 months and have found a lot of value from using it. You have to have an iOS device, an Apple Watch, and a subscription to Fitness+ to […]

  • Monday Morning Ride

    Monday Morning Ride

    Had some hesitation for this morning’s ride. Its a strength day so I want to avoid over exercising, which is a lame excuse cause I don’t workout that hard. It is also dark longer in the morning so I was worried about visibility. However, once I was up and soaked in the hot tub I […]

  • FTP (Feel The Pain) test day

    It’s been since last October that I’ve done an fitness or FTP test. After a good warmup you go as hard as possible for 20 minutes. Then use a calculator to figure out what your heart rate or power meter zones should be for training. This personalizes you training zones not just to your body […]

  • Fitness Test Day : 89/100

    Fitness Test Day : 89/100

    Today was day 2 of my cycling training program. Yesterday was a strength day, and today is the fitness or FTP test. I wrote about the fitness test on May 16th on the 16th post of this blogging challenge. I know I had said I was only going to watch my time on workouts but […]

  • Keeping fit : 6/100

    Keeping fit : 6/100

    When we hit the road 6 years ago Kate and I had just completed our second of two half Ironman triathlons. We had trained with a coach for about 8 months. As a result we were in possibly the best shape of our lives. Once we hit the road our workout volume dropped significantly. I […]

  • For the Recovery

    For the Recovery

    As someone over the age of 40 it is important to focus on recovery as much as if not more than my hard workouts. If you are over 40 you should understand the why of this. If you are not yet 40 then get ready. 😂 As we age our bodies get slower and not […]

  • Sunday Ride – 3 hrs of riding

    Sunday Ride – 3 hrs of riding

    In a few religions Sunday is a day of rest. In the world of Roger’s cycling training Sunday is a big day of riding. While we aren’t going for crazy hard efforts like in intervals we are riding the longest and biggest ride of the week. There are a few reasons for this: 1) Its […]