1 year review – Apple Fitness+

A year ago Apple came out with its streaming workout video program known as Apple Fitness+. I have been using it off an on the the last 12 months and have found a lot of value from using it. You have to have an iOS device, an Apple Watch, and a subscription to Fitness+ to access the classes. There are a variety of types of classes, coaches, and music genres to choose from.

When I first started using Fitness+ we were visiting Kate’s father in Virginia. There was a spare room where I was able to do my workouts. I used my iPhone as you cannot access Fitness+ on a Mac, only iOS devices. This is less than an ideal setup as the screen is so small. I used my Airpods to keep from annoying anyone else with the noise.

My first workouts were Yoga and Core as I wrote about here. Once we got back to Colorado I started doing HIIT and Strength workouts as well. These kicked my butt. I got super sore for a while.

Now we are in the house and I have an Apple TV connected to a projector it is much easier to follow along. Especially for the dance classes, where I need the most help.

At the end of the day Apple’s streaming fitness video service is very polished. The camera work, coaches, and music are all well done and entertaining. The workouts I have done are all effective. I like some coaches more than others. You can do it on your iPhone but an iPad is really the minimum I would suggest. Ideally you have an Apple TV connected to a TV or Projector.

It would be nice if there were more filters for finding classes. Some are much more difficult than others and can catch you off guard if you aren’t expecting it. However, there is always one of the coaches in the background taking the moves at an easier level. I want to think I can always keep up with the main workout, but I have learned when to take it easy and not let my ego push me into getting injured.


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