Review: Chernobyl the miniseries

I have hesitated watching this series for a few years now. I was 9 years old when the reactor exploded in 1986 and the cold war was at its height. I remember the news reports about radioactive dust clouds potentially covering much of Europe. It was a wild and scary time and I knew the … Read more

Positive feedback loop

Feeling deep this morning while listening to an early Kinsta podcast with Joe of WP Buffs. It’s a great conversation about business and entrepreneurship. Joe is such a positive guy it’s infectious and I’ve seen it pervade in his organization. It made me think about how I need to act more positively. I do my … Read more

Never not felt better

One truth I have relearned multiple times is that I need to get up and do something first thing in the morning. Usually that is a workout of some kind: cycling, yoga, strength training, This gives me time to wake up before I try to be productive with my day. Waking up is more than … Read more

100,000 meters so far

I bought an indoor rowing machine a few weeks ago to keep my aerobic fitness going through winter. We took delivery on Dec 24th and I did a short 10 minute workout to test it out. Since then I have used it 10 more days and so far have rowed over 100,000 meters or 100km, … Read more

Is Slack the problem?

Interesting article about how some CEO’s are starting to dislike the openness of Slack in their company communication. I understand where they are coming from, somewhat. You don’t want a few people flooding company channels with divisive or unproductive conversations. I have seen this happen in real time with no one countering it. Complaining in … Read more

Home Theater

I have always enjoyed watching movies and TV. I enjoy all kinds of shows and use Youtube extensively for educational and entertainment purposes. I am not a hard core fan of anything but I do enjoy watching moving pictures. I enjoy going to the theater but it can be annoying when people want to talk … Read more