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  • 100 days and more

    Today marks 100 days since Dec 1st when we started an internal blogging challenge at Kinsta. I missed a few days but overall wrote a lot of posts over the last 100 days. While I didn’t get a perfect score I feel like it was a successful challenge nonetheless. I got to know a lot […]

  • Solar Powered

    Solar Powered

    The solar install was completed today, for the most part. The install is done and working. Now we have to wait on the State of Colorado electrical inspector and then our power utility inspector. That should take less than 2 weeks and then we will be putting juice back onto the grid and eliminating our […]

  • The Flying Enzo!

    The Flying Enzo!

    This is my boy Enzo. He is maybe 9 years old but is still the same dog we got from the foster all those years ago. If you cannot tell he loves running in the snow.

  • How Big Tech is Responding to Russia, with guest Nicole Perlroth — Pivot — Overcast

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine causes trouble for Big Tech players. Kara and Scott discuss its effects on moderation, monetization, and cybersecurity with journalist Nicole Perlroth. Plus, the CDC says most of the country can go maskless, and Elon Musk has more trouble with the SEC. How Big Tech is Responding to Russia, with guest Nicole […]

  • Night snow blowin

    Night snow blowin

    It’s been snowing here the last couple of days. Today we woke up to a few inches of new snow so I had to get the snow blower repaired. I broke the impeller which is the piece that throws the snow into the chute and blows it off your driveway. It is also the piece […]

  • Tech Companies Are Reopening Their Offices, but Tech Work Has Changed Forever – WSJ

    “We’re moving into a world now where leaders have to be so aware of every employee individually, what they need and how they work best,” Ms. Katsoudas said. “So there isn’t a one-size-fits-all with work.” — Read on www.wsj.com/articles/tech-companies-reopen-their-offices-facebook-google-11646365155 Good article that covers some practical aspects of remote work. I cannot imagine ever working in […]

  • Scripting News: Evolution in software

    Scripting News: Evolution in software — Read on scripting.com/2022/03/04/134033.html Interesting thoughts on why we have a major disconnect in software tools for the web. When the web took off in the 90’s it was based on Unix tools since that’s where all the networking came from to make the web and internet work. Since then […]

  • Getting solar installed

    Getting solar installed

    One thing we designed our home to have is a large south facing steep roof. This gives us a perfect platform to install solar panels. The initial plan is to have them tied to the grid to offset our electrical usage. This saves us all of the money we pay for power and helps reduce […]

  • In praise of the 👍 emoji

    We use Slack at Kinsta and one of the things I enjoy about Slack is the use of Emojis as reactions. Not everything posted in Slack needs a typed response, at least not from everyone in the company. Emoji reactions allow you to respond without creating a notification that the poster then needs to review. […]

  • Essential Oil mixes for Work

    Essential Oil mixes for Work

    Kate bought us an essential oil diffuser a few years ago and I have been hooked on having nice smells around the house ever since. The best part was that Kate took care of making all that stuff happen. Now that my office is in the basement I have to fend for myself and figure […]