Night snow blowin

It’s been snowing here the last couple of days. Today we woke up to a few inches of new snow so I had to get the snow blower repaired. I broke the impeller which is the piece that throws the snow into the chute and blows it off your driveway.

It is also the piece that is in the middle of the entire assembly. To replace it you pretty much have to completely disassemble the blower part of the snow blower. At first this seemed like a monumental task. Then I googled and found this excellent tutorial:

Perfect tutorial for taking your snow blower completely apart.
Impeller replaced and reinstalled into the main part thingy.
Blower connected back to main body and engine.
It’s got headlights for those dusk jobs.


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  1. Your snowblower makes me wish it snowed more here as I really want to upgrade our little baby Toro snowblower lol

    1. Ha! It’s pretty money for sure. I was pretty depressed when the impeller broke but it’s wasn’t too bad to replace. I wish it snowed more here too.

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