Looking Closely is Everything — by Craig Mod

The question is: When the gears of society start moving again, will we carry the wisdom of this stillness forward? I hope so. Out the other side, back onto those transatlantic and transpacific flights, pressed against one another on our daily subway commutes, schedules full of dinner parties, brunch dates, weddings, funerals, brit milahs, concerts,…… Continue reading Looking Closely is Everything — by Craig Mod

Work From Home: Tech Companies Cut Pay of Workers Moving Out of Big Cities – Bloomberg

Nice coverage of how work from home WFH is changing pay and diversity. White-collar workers are taking advantage of a newfound flexibility to leave expensive coastal cities, even as companies move to “localize” their pay. — Read on www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2020-12-17/work-from-home-tech-companies-cut-pay-of-workers-moving-out-of-big-cities


There are so many pop ups on web sites anymore that one is reminded on the mid 2000’s when pop up windows were the rage. If you use the Safari browser you may want to give hush a look. It targets those insipid, never-ending, utterly pointless “cookie notices”, popovers begging you to join email newsletters,…… Continue reading Hush

Kindness is my intention

At the start of most yoga classes the teacher will take a moment to have you set an intention for the class. For a long time I have almost exclusively made my intention kindness. First of all I am intent on being kind to myself during class. I do not want to injure myself and…… Continue reading Kindness is my intention

Get over yourself

Get over yourself and start living your life. Currently I have 40 posts in draft mode for this site. These are posts that I started writing and then for some reason stopped and did not post. Most of the time I stopped cause I wasn’t sure what someone would think of me for writing it.…… Continue reading Get over yourself

Giving an A

I am listening to the audiobook of The Art of Possibility and the 3rd chapter is titled ‘Giving an A’. Its based on the idea that grades are made up concepts that allow us to rate ourselves compared to everyone else. Therefore an A is something that can be given to anyone at anytime as…… Continue reading Giving an A