Category: Off the Bike

  • LeVar Burton Reads to me

    I have been winding my days down lately listening to these podcasts. LeVar is such a good reader and the production quality is so high that I cannot believe these are free. I listen to them by myself but I could see a group listening to them like people used to listen to the radio. […]

  • Prepping for the morning

    As a recent morning person convert, I have found that preparing the night before helps my morning be successful. This preparation has two significant parts: clothing and a glass of water. The first thing I do after waking up is brush, floss, and put my contacts in. After that, it’s time for my 30-60 minute […]

  • Putting your phone on alert

    As I work to reduce my screen time, one of the most significant and effective changes has been disallowing my phone from entering the bedroom. Again this is a tip I picked from Ryan Holiday, who says he leaves his phone in the kitchen to charge overnight. This prevents him from looking at the phone […]

  • Plow with the storm

    Where I live in southwest Colorado, we have been hammered by snow storms since just after Christmas. We got about two feet of snow in the week following Christmas. Then we had a minor flurry of around four inches a week ago. Then yesterday, we got hit with nine inches, four more today and five […]

  • The Art of Waking up

    In the Art of Shralpanism, snowboarder Jeremy Jones mentions his process for waking up regardless of if he is at home or in a tent at 14,000 feet with a blizzard surrounding him. I love this process and have been practicing it for a few weeks. I have managed to get the ten breaths on […]

  • Habits all the way down

    In November last year, I watched several Ryan Holiday YouTube videos that affected me in several ways. Ryan is a stoic and he talks about stoic values and texts, especially Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. The videos are well produced enough, and the information he shares is intelligent and helpful philosophy of life. One thing he […]

  • Great Falls Park Maryland

    Fun place to hike near Washington DC.

  • Mourning Loss of a Team Member as a Remote Team

    Damn. This is a rough reality of remote work. We need to be checking in on each other not just for deadlines but because we give a shit about each other. I struggle with wanting meetings to be super efficient so that I can get back to work, and spending some pre meeting time with […]

  • Turns out: Email not dead

    Telegram’s founder and CEO has responded to the Brazilian Supreme Court’s order to suspend the app in the country… by blaming email for the company’s failure to respond to orders. — Read on It seems strange to ask a vendor or government to change an email to use, and not leave the old address […]

  • Word of the day: Philomath

    I took one of those personality tests today as I needed to write about myself. It turns out that I’m bad about writing about myself so this gave me some filler content to use. Anyway… In the results I was identified as a philomath which is a word I had never seen before. The definition […]