Putting your phone on alert

As I work to reduce my screen time, one of the most significant and effective changes has been disallowing my phone from entering the bedroom. Again this is a tip I picked from Ryan Holiday, who says he leaves his phone in the kitchen to charge overnight. This prevents him from looking at the phone before going to bed and when he wakes up.

I have copied this exact process, and the effect was immediate and incredibly positive. I have a few books at my bedside, so if I am restless and want to read before going to sleep, I have that option. Generally, I am exhausted when I go to bed, so I just lay down and sleep. No more last-minute checking of the weather forecast which inevitably leads to quick looks at Strava, my news sites, or my Activity Rings.

Then in the morning, I wake up, get up, and get going. The first order of business is my 30-minute walk outdoors. I might take my phone only to snap a photo if something is fantastic, but more often than not, I don’t even take my phone at all. This helps me stick to the first hour of the day with zero screens.

It can feel like a giant leap to leave your phone but trust me; it’s not. You’ll be able to do it.


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