Prepping for the morning

As a recent morning person convert, I have found that preparing the night before helps my morning be successful. This preparation has two significant parts: clothing and a glass of water.

The first thing I do after waking up is brush, floss, and put my contacts in. After that, it’s time for my 30-60 minute outdoor walk. For this, I place my walking clothing in the house’s mudroom. This is also where my shoes or boots are located. I can get dressed and walk out the door in one fell swoop.

I also place a glass of water on my bench in the mudroom so that I can drink up while I am getting dressed. Staying hydrated is so critical for functioning. I use a large 3-cup glass and drink it all before heading out the door.

Once I am back from my walk, I fill it up and keep drinking and filling it all day. I usually drink 4 to 5 glasses a day. Yes, I have to use the restroom often, but I am okay with that.

Having these two things ready means I am not scrambling around looking for socks, a shirt, or my water glass. Everything is in one place, and all I have to do is go there and keep going—nothing groundbreaking but essential preparation.


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