Audio Books for Jan 2020

Dave Winer listed some audiobooks he was recommended. I am interested in these: Lets go 2021!

Loosing your cool

I recently talked about “Yes, and…” and how it is useful for staying positive and progressing the conversation. What about when the opposite happens and you lose your cool? What can you do to recompose yourself and get back on track? This morning I had a failure to stay cool moment and am a little…… Continue reading Loosing your cool

Apple Fitness+ : Its good

A few months ago Apple announced Fitness+, its subscription workout service for Apple Watch owners. The service is basically a lot of workout videos that sync with your Apple watch health data. Apple has done a really good job of making it engaging by producing high quality workout videos. Its $9.99/mo or included with Apple…… Continue reading Apple Fitness+ : Its good

How to be at home Neat film from the National Film Board of Canada about ideas for handling being at home alone during this pandemic. Personally I have done well with this as it has allowed me to read and listen to more. I have found new hobbies in woodworking and expanded my love of riding my bike. Not…… Continue reading How to be at home


Fun ski/splitboard film in the Swiss Alps. Besides being able to ride awesome mountains and make us jealous the riders attempt to be as low carbon footprint as possible. Its a fun snow sport film that gets me excited about winter. The side focus and commentary on climate change is sobering. Here you can see…… Continue reading Shelter

Whole House ICF?

I mentioned ICF in a prior post as the technique we have settled on for building our basement walls. What I did not mention was that initially we had also planned to build all the walls with ICF. We changed to using 2×6 framing based on various green/passive building techniques we had been reading about.…… Continue reading Whole House ICF?