Scripting News: Evolution in software

Scripting News: Evolution in software
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Interesting thoughts on why we have a major disconnect in software tools for the web. When the web took off in the 90’s it was based on Unix tools since that’s where all the networking came from to make the web and internet work.

Since then we’ve been trying to shoehorn GUI into networking. We’ve got things like cPanel which try to let you do Networking things from a user friendly interface. The problem is that it just confuses things. You are much better off learning the command line tools which are what the devs use to build everything.

The problem with the command line is that it’s not what we have been taught to use for computing. The Mac and Windows gave us tools that mimic the real world. Directories are called folders. We work in windows. These add complexity to already complex systems and allow users to remain ignorant and lazy.

Evolution doesn’t go backwards. Learn the command line.


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