Technology Business Podcasts I am into currently

A few weeks ago Ezra Klein did a podcast episode with Kara Swisher of “Sway.” and I remembered how much I enjoy Kara’s sharp tongue, quick wit, and deep knowledge of tech and business. Since then I have subscribed to the aforementioned podcast Sway: Power, unpacked. “Sway” is an interview show hosted by Kara Swisher, … Read more

Anticipation, Expectations, and Waiting

A colleague of mine wrote about waiting for a big running race he has this weekend: I’m always a bit uneasy and fidgety in the week leading up to a race. Four More Days of Waiting – Jon Penland Replace ‘a race’ with ‘moving into a new home’ and I would say uneasy and fidgety … Read more

Monday Morning Ride

Kate and I got up this morning and got on the bikes. The time change last Sunday, to standard time, means that the sun is coming up an hour earlier, which means it is also warmer an hour earlier. So we hit the road a little after 7am and rode 6 miles into town for … Read more