Bikepacking vs Touring Bikes

In the last few years the term Bikepacking has risen in popularity as bike manufacturers have focused on a subset of Bike Touring. Bike Touring is the practice of riding for the joy of riding as opposed to sport, commuting, or exercise. At least that is the Wikipedia definition. For most people who do Bike…… Continue reading Bikepacking vs Touring Bikes

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Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are really cool and I think that it if gets you into biking for exercise then it is good. Personally these bikes are very expensive and when the battery dies you now have a really heavy bicycle. For $2k you can get a low end electric bike or a really solid non-electric bike.…… Continue reading Electric Bikes

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Kindness is my intention

At the start of most yoga classes the teacher will take a moment to have you set an intention for the class. For a long time I have almost exclusively made my intention kindness. First of all I am intent on being kind to myself during class. I do not want to injure myself and…… Continue reading Kindness is my intention

Last ride to Williamsburg

Kate and I have been in Virginia since the middle of December. We came out to spend the holidays with her dad, Bill. Its been nice to spend time together during the pandemic. Also since we are planning to build a house it has been helpful to live in one so we can think more…… Continue reading Last ride to Williamsburg

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Get over yourself

Get over yourself and start living your life. Currently I have 40 posts in draft mode for this site. These are posts that I started writing and then for some reason stopped and did not post. Most of the time I stopped cause I wasn’t sure what someone would think of me for writing it.…… Continue reading Get over yourself

Giving an A

I am listening to the audiobook of The Art of Possibility and the 3rd chapter is titled ‘Giving an A’. Its based on the idea that grades are made up concepts that allow us to rate ourselves compared to everyone else. Therefore an A is something that can be given to anyone at anytime as…… Continue reading Giving an A