Work From Home: Tech Companies Cut Pay of Workers Moving Out of Big Cities – Bloomberg

Nice coverage of how work from home WFH is changing pay and diversity. White-collar workers are taking advantage of a newfound flexibility to leave expensive coastal cities, even as companies move to “localize” their pay. — Read on

Tour de Bisbee

For our 10th wedding anniversary Kate and I knew we would do a bike tour. For our 1st anniversary we rode from Salinas California down the Pacific Coast Highway to Oxnard California. It was a great trip and we did a mixture of tent camping and hotels along the way. We have biked a lot…… Continue reading Tour de Bisbee

Danny MacAskill – The Slabs Just crazy awesome stuff as always from Danny MacAskill. I don’t think I would even want walk down this stuff!

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There are so many pop ups on web sites anymore that one is reminded on the mid 2000’s when pop up windows were the rage. If you use the Safari browser you may want to give hush a look. It targets those insipid, never-ending, utterly pointless “cookie notices”, popovers begging you to join email newsletters,…… Continue reading Hush

Be careful with assumptions

Don’t assume someone has never done something before. Ask if they have. Don’t assume that you know the best way. Ask for suggestions. Don’t assume the sale is closed. Get a signature or charge the card. The old saying always applies: “When you assume you make an ass out of u and me.” Making an…… Continue reading Be careful with assumptions

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Bikepacking vs Touring Bikes

In the last few years the term Bikepacking has risen in popularity as bike manufacturers have focused on a subset of Bike Touring. Bike Touring is the practice of riding for the joy of riding as opposed to sport, commuting, or exercise. At least that is the Wikipedia definition. For most people who do Bike…… Continue reading Bikepacking vs Touring Bikes

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Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are really cool and I think that it if gets you into biking for exercise then it is good. Personally these bikes are very expensive and when the battery dies you now have a really heavy bicycle. For $2k you can get a low end electric bike or a really solid non-electric bike.…… Continue reading Electric Bikes

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