COVID Cannonball Run

The Cannonball Run is an unofficial speed record that requires driving across the USA from NYC to Los Angeles. It was made popular by 2 movies with the name from the 80’s. In December of 2020 Kate and I did a COVID Cannonball Run when we drove non-stop from Mancos, CO to Williamsburg, VA. We…… Continue reading COVID Cannonball Run

Outdoor chair I love this youtube channel. She is very good about showing the process and explaining things. I also like her designs. This looks like a fun one and will create some nice outdoor chairs to sit in.

Riding wet

When today started we had no plans to ride bikes. The weather was forecast to be wet and rainy. We prefer not to ride in full rain as it is miserable and dangerous. However the weather ended up being more of a drizzle so we suited up and rolled out. Today’s ride was a much…… Continue reading Riding wet

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Matt Mullenweg interviews Jack Dorsey for his latest podcast episode: I thought it was an interesting conversation. Here are 2 young and very successful programmers talking about how they are operating remote companies. They talk about OKRs, meetings, and other minutia of remote work. My take is that Jack is a really smart guy…… Continue reading interviews Twitter/Square

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First ride of 2021

We have been in Virginia for a few weeks and the weather has been cold and rainy. We haven’t had snow but there has been a bit of Cold Weather Riding going on. Today the temperature was warmer and I didn’t have to wear all of the clothing. It was a great ride. Our mission…… Continue reading First ride of 2021

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Acting ‘as if’

In high school my best friend Melissa told me: “If you want to be cool you just need 1 other person to think you are cool. Then if you think you are cool and that other person thinks you are cool, you are cool.” I always loved that saying and tie it together with acting…… Continue reading Acting ‘as if’

Audio Books for Jan 2020

Dave Winer listed some audiobooks he was recommended. I am interested in these: Lets go 2021!

Loosing your cool

I recently talked about “Yes, and…” and how it is useful for staying positive and progressing the conversation. What about when the opposite happens and you lose your cool? What can you do to recompose yourself and get back on track? This morning I had a failure to stay cool moment and am a little…… Continue reading Loosing your cool