100,000 meters so far

I bought an indoor rowing machine a few weeks ago to keep my aerobic fitness going through winter. We took delivery on Dec 24th and I did a short 10 minute workout to test it out. Since then I have used it 10 more days and so far have rowed over 100,000 meters or 100km, … Read more

Is Slack the problem?

Interesting article about how some CEO’s are starting to dislike the openness of Slack in their company communication. I understand where they are coming from, somewhat. You don’t want a few people flooding company channels with divisive or unproductive conversations. I have seen this happen in real time with no one countering it. Complaining in … Read more

Home Theater

I have always enjoyed watching movies and TV. I enjoy all kinds of shows and use Youtube extensively for educational and entertainment purposes. I am not a hard core fan of anything but I do enjoy watching moving pictures. I enjoy going to the theater but it can be annoying when people want to talk … Read more

Usumacinta prep week

We leave for Rio Usumacinta in four days! Its going to take us 2 days to get to Palenque, Mexico. One day to drive to Denver as flights out of Durango to Denver are not reliable at all. The second day is flights from Denver to Mexico City to Villahermosa. Then we drive to Palenque … Read more

Goals for 2022

Here we go! 2022 a new year and new hope! Ok maybe not that dramatic but its a fun mental exercise to think about what I want to accomplish in the next 12 months. I did this last year and managed to meet a lot of them so maybe it will work this year too. … Read more

2021 Review

What a wild year. The sequel to 2020 ended up exceeding 2020 by a bit and it hasn’t slowed up as we head into 2022. The United States capitol building witnessed its largest physical attack since the War of 1812. The global pandemic of whatever COVID is now called continued to grow and mutate and … Read more

New Years Lockdown

Another year another lockdown instead of celebration. Last year we were in Virginia visiting Kate’s father at this time. We were being cautious of his health mainly because of his age. He still rode bikes with us pretty much everyday, but COVID ain’t something we want to mess with. This year we are being cautious … Read more

Shovelin the north side

For a variety of reasons we ended up with a north facing garage door on the house. Since we live in the northern hemisphere this means there is very little direct sunlight on the north ends of anything. This wouldn’t matter except that our area gets a decent amount of snowfall in the winter. Since … Read more