Time to buy a bike



Unless you follow the bike industry you might not be aware that the market for bicycles is in free fall. Demand went through the roof during the pandemic when everyone thought they would become cyclists. Supply lagged then it caught up just as demand began to evaporate. Today companies are going bankrupt and high end bike companies are having buy one get one free sales.

In other words it is a buyers market and if you are considering buying a new bike The most affected parts of the industry are for mid to high end bikes. You will find the biggest savings for bikes in the $2000 and up range.

For a lot of people that’s too much money for a hobby. The consideration is that this hobby will get you to more places than walking and give you a much better workout than driving there. Finally consider that a bettter quality bike is going to last ten years or more. My friend has a mountain bike from 1997 that still rides fine.

My advice is to goto your local bike shop and talk with them about what kind of riding you want to do. Unless you are mechanically inclined I don’t suggest ordering online. A good local shop will talk you through the styles and brands of bikes they sell.

Take your time and let them chase you for the sale.


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