Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are really cool and I think that it if gets you into biking for exercise then it is good. Personally these bikes are very expensive and when the battery dies you now have a really heavy bicycle. For $2k you can get a low end electric bike or a really solid non-electric bike.…… Continue reading Electric Bikes

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Sketchup : 47/100

When we lived in Phoenix we redesigned the kitchen and laundry room. Since we bought the land in Colorado we have designed: a highway entrance, half a mile of road, 2 rv pads, a septic system, and a cabin with shed. To do all of those designs I have used Sketchup. When I first used…… Continue reading Sketchup : 47/100

Easy Sunday ride : 38/100

Last weekend we hung drywall all weekend, which means we didn’t get a long weekend ride in. The long weekend ride is particular because there are almost no time constraints on the ride. You can take your time, go further, or spend some time having a coffee. Today was also a pretty windy day and…… Continue reading Easy Sunday ride : 38/100