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  • New bike day: Canyon Stoic 4

    New bike day: Canyon Stoic 4

    In December I had a new bike day but that bike was a bit too small and there were no larger sizes in stock. I returned it and then focused on rafting in Mexico and snowboarding for the winter. I kept looking at used bikes online, but nothing was inspiring me to spend over $3k […]

  • Ready to Ride

    It is getting warmer here in southwest Colorado, but the winds have arrived too. It may be 52℉ but the windchill makes it feel like 30℉. So I am ready to ride my bikes, but it’s just a bit on the cold side still. In the meantime I am binging on Youtube videos about riding […]

  • New Bike Day!

    New Bike Day!

    I am a little kid on Christmas morning. The anticipation has been building for days and years. Technically yesterday was new bike day as that is when FedEx delivered my Canyon Spectral 29 CF 8. This is my first new-new bike in 15 years and my excitement is well beyond 9000! My coworker had a […]

  • Don’t forget to have fun

    Don’t forget to have fun

    Kate and I hosted our 3rd group bike ride this Sunday at Chicken Creek Nordic Center in Mancos, CO. We started hosting these rides as a way to promote the monthly Sunday brunch at our local brewery. It has turned into way more fun than I had anticipated. The original idea came up this spring […]

  • Meet Jamone

    Meet Jamone

    It has been a while since I got a new bike. The mountain bike I have been riding is a 1997 custom titanium frame shredder that was gifted to me by a friend a few years ago. Before that it had been at least 5 years since I bought a bike. The titanium bike is […]

  • Bikepacking vs Touring Bikes

    In the last few years the term Bikepacking has risen in popularity as bike manufacturers have focused on a subset of Bike Touring. Bike Touring is the practice of riding for the joy of riding as opposed to sport, commuting, or exercise. At least that is the Wikipedia definition. For most people who do Bike […]

  • Electric Bikes

    Electric bikes are really cool and I think that it if gets you into biking for exercise then it is good. Personally these bikes are very expensive and when the battery dies you now have a really heavy bicycle. For $2k you can get a low end electric bike or a really solid non-electric bike. […]

  • Monsoon season : 74/100

    Monsoon season : 74/100

    This last weekend we had a heat wave pass through the area. Temperatures were above 90F for at least 5 days straight. Yesterday was by far the warmest day of the heat wave. Then, just as the sun was setting, we had a few small rainstorms roll in. Today was cloudy and a little stormy […]

  • Rattlesnake : 65/100

    Rattlesnake : 65/100

    Today marks the first time I have seen a rattlesnake on our land. It was more than 500 feet from where we live and spend most of our time. I am not thinking about relocating it but it is a good reminder that we have company out here. The great news is that rattlesnakes love […]

  • Sketchup : 47/100

    Sketchup : 47/100

    When we lived in Phoenix we redesigned the kitchen and laundry room. Since we bought the land in Colorado we have designed: a highway entrance, half a mile of road, 2 rv pads, a septic system, and a cabin with shed. To do all of those designs I have used Sketchup. When I first used […]