Monsoon season : 74/100

This last weekend we had a heat wave pass through the area. Temperatures were above 90F for at least 5 days straight. Yesterday was by far the warmest day of the heat wave. Then, just as the sun was setting, we had a few small rainstorms roll in.

Today was cloudy and a little stormy all day. It was glorious. The air cooled and the sun was obscured by the clouds. The Monsoon season has begun, and it could not have come at a better time for the area.

Its been a hot dry summer this year, and the snowfall wasn’t great last winter. Southern Colorado and 73% of the western states of the US are in Drought conditions. Here is a drought map of Colorado with Mancos. Most people in Colorado haven’t had Air Conditioning in their homes in the past. That is changing with more homes adding AC to handle the warm summers. Rather than change our habits to deal with climate change we are just doubling down on what causes it. Grrrrrr.

Hey, at least we aren’t in Phoenix anymore!

Workout detail

After work ended Kate mentioned going for a bike ride and I was game. There were storm clouds all around but it still felt like we weren’t gonna get poured on. We got a good 45 minute ride in and then I rode fenceline backwards for the first time. It is also a lot of fun!


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