Entertaining in a Pandemic : 73/100

The pandemic sure is making this a strange summer. Generally we are going to music festivals a few times a month. Then the local bands that play at the various bars and restaurants during the week are happening. We listen to great music, meet lots of people, and see old friends. Live music was one of the major aspects of this area that

This year its been a little different, as you may imagine. There hasn’t been much live music with all of the social distancing. A few weeks ago we heard that a local bluegrass band, the Stillhouse Junkies, were letting people sign up for a 30 minute show. For donations only they will drive to your house and play in your yard. Apparently they were restless and also knew people needed live music now more than ever.

Naturally Kate signed us up. Last Monday the band let us know they would be coming over on Sunday at 4pm. Since we have a good size yard it seemed appropriate to have a few friends over. We setup a canopy for the band to play under. We marked out sitting areas that were all well spaced apart. We wore masks.

The band showed up and played their 30 minute set and it was great. Live music is so beneficial for happiness and joy. The interaction between the band and audience, even a small audience, is something a recording will never be able to simulate.

We also got to see friends we haven’t seen in a while. It was nice to catch up, and we all agreed that people need to start taking this pandemic seriously.


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