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  • 100 days of Blogging Challenge 2021

    Tomorrow begins a 100 days of Blogging Challenge and I am very excited about it. First of all its something I am organizing at my company, Kinsta, and second it means I am going to need to focus each day on writing to meet the challenge. This is kinda like having a workout buddy who […]

  • Fiction : 100/100

    Every so often I remind myself why fiction is so important for living. I think part of the reason I forget is because I have become numb to the sheer amount of fiction available. Between Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Audible I could easily fill my day living in stories. In the last few months I […]

  • What for? : 99/100

    What for? : 99/100

    Holy moly! 99 blog posts consecutively let alone within a year. The question many have asked me is why write on a blog at all, let alone 100 days in a row. Over the last week or so I have been thinking about this more and more. On one hand I have a romantic notion […]

  • 4×6 Intervals : 98/100

    Today was back on the bike with 4 sets of 6 minute intervals. During the intervals the goal is to have my heart rate in the Zone 4: SubThreshold range. This zone is 94% to 99% of Lactic Threshold Heart Rate. So you are pushing hard but not all out, that is for Zone 5. […]

  • Second Nature : 97/100

    Second Nature : 97/100

    For the last few weeks I have been gaining more interest in gardening. We planted 2 apple trees, then got a rose bush and a stargazer lillie. So far all of them are still alive. We also have some bushes that we planted last year that I have helped back to life with watering, mulch, […]

  • Riding around home : 96/100

    Riding around home : 96/100

    This is the second week of my cycling training program. I burnt myself out a little with Sunday’s ride and used yesterday as a rest/recovery day. I was feeling pretty back to 100% for this mornings workout ride. Today was a force reps structured workout. Basically I get my 25 minute warmup in and then […]

  • Taking Care of Business : 95/100

    Kate’s bike has been in need of some TLC for a few weeks. Her shifting has been a mess. The brakes are a little soft, and I don’t even want to look at the greasy chain. Oh and her handlebar tape needs to be replaced. What we are looking at here is known as a […]

  • Back to Chicken Creek : 94/100

    Today’s ride was solo into the San Juan National Forest. Kate wanted to go for a run so I got the chance to haul butt into the mountains. The last time I rode into the forest was over 2 months ago. Since then we have had a lot of rain and the mountains are really […]

  • Bikes and Burpees : 93/100

    Bikes and Burpees : 93/100

    Kate and I went on a nice 2 hour ride this morning. The weather was perfect for a ride and we did the G to J loop. The G and J are the names of roads south of Mancos that go through some of the farms in the area. Its a low traffic route with […]

  • Wax off, wax on : 92/100

    A few months ago I wrote about changing by bike chain lubrication to a wax based system. Shortly after then I reduced my bike riding considerably and the wax testing fell off the radar. I was still riding with the wax chains. However I had not done a re-waxing of the chains. The reason for […]