Riding around home : 96/100

This is the second week of my cycling training program. I burnt myself out a little with Sunday’s ride and used yesterday as a rest/recovery day. I was feeling pretty back to 100% for this mornings workout ride. Today was a force reps structured workout. Basically I get my 25 minute warmup in and then I do 10 sets where I get into a really big gear, slow down, and then explode with 10 pedal strokes. Between each set I recover for 3 minutes.

There are only 2 force reps workouts in this 12 week base training program. Its a funky workout that is close to being a sprint but you start slow. That low end torque is what you want to have when navigating tricky singletrack.

Today was pretty cool cause I was able to do all of the force reps on my trails for the first time. The last time I did these we were in southern Arizona waiting to get up to Colorado. Now we are here and I have the trails finished and ready for riding on. Not only am I at home getting the workout done but I am riding on singletrack. This means I am getting to work on my technical riding skills while getting my workout done.

Burpee Challenge

I did 2 sets of 10 burpees for today’s challenge. My left elbow is still feeling sore so I am taking it easy for now. I think I will stick with 20 to 30 a day for the rest of this week and see how things feel on Sunday.


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