Ready to Ride

It is getting warmer here in southwest Colorado, but the winds have arrived too. It may be 52℉ but the windchill makes it feel like 30℉. So I am ready to ride my bikes, but it’s just a bit on the cold side still.

In the meantime I am binging on Youtube videos about riding my bikes. I have a new bike arriving later this week, which I am pretty excited about. It is going to be a great riding season this year. We have a new/used travel trailer that lets us bring the dogs on camping trips, and gives us the comforts of a show and toilet in the woods.

One thing I want to work on this year is more advanced bike handling skills. I am a strong rider, but I never learned to wheelie, endo, track stand, or take jumps well. My new bike has modern geometry made for riding advanced skills. This makes the bike more stable and capable. I am also gonna get knee and elbow pads cause crashes will probably happen. 🤣

The table hop thing will probably not be attempted anytime soon by me.


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