Busy month of snow sporting

February has been a month of snow sporting like I haven’t experienced since I was a teenager. In November I bought a used set of skate skis and got back into a sport if barely done over thirty years ago.

That prompted me to get snowshoes and start backcountry hiking. Which prompted me to start and backcountry Facebook group to meet other people like me to share tips and tricks.

At the end of January while I was enjoying a couple of big days skate skiing I ran into some group members out on the trails. They prompted my to sign up for two ski races in February.

Last weekend I completed the second race and while I was no where near the leaders I finished and was smiling. I had a good time and have met more people who share my love of the outdoors and exercise. The competitive part is a fun way to motivate myself and also keep humble. Anytime I start to think I’m hot shit I can do a race and be put back in my place.

Now I’m thinking of what’s next. We have a big snowboard trip coming up in a couple weeks. That’s gonna be fun and since I’m in pretty good shape I should be able to maximize my time on the slopes each day.

After that I’m thinking ahead to the month long NOLS course I’m doing this summer. I’ve bought a book on mountaineering training and have added strength training to my cardio routine. The main issue I will have with mountaineering training is that I cannot run anymore. Hiking with a weighted pack will be the answer.

All this is to say that it’s never too late to get an exercise plan and set big goals for yourself. I’m already thinking of what mountains I’m going to climb this summer and maybe go international for some bigger peaks like Kilimanjaro.


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