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  • Busy month of snow sporting

    February has been a month of snow sporting like I haven’t experienced since I was a teenager. In November I bought a used set of skate skis and got back into a sport if barely done over thirty years ago. That prompted me to get snowshoes and start backcountry hiking. Which prompted me to start […]

  • Trail work day – Lost Chicken drainage improvement

    Trail work day – Lost Chicken drainage improvement

    Wow it’s September already! How ya been? My excuses for not posting in a while are all valid and award winning. Basically I got busy and needed to focus on other things. Sorry. Our local trails group, Mancos Trails Group, has been busy all summer with multiple trail work days. Today we spent over 5 […]

  • Layover Day

    When we were halfway through the river trip in Mexico we had a Layover Day. On Layover Day no rafting happens and you get kinda a day off. Sure you still have an assigned job to help with dinner, or dishes, or water, etc but you get to leave your camp setup for two nights […]

  • Set your alarm for bedtime

    Set your alarm for bedtime

    We are getting our alarm clocks all wrong. Everyone sets their alarm for when they want to wake up. We don’t take into account when we go to bed. If you set your alarm for 6am but goto bed at 1am, thats only 5 hours of sleep. At this point it’s pretty much decided that […]

  • Never not felt better

    One truth I have relearned multiple times is that I need to get up and do something first thing in the morning. Usually that is a workout of some kind: cycling, yoga, strength training, This gives me time to wake up before I try to be productive with my day. Waking up is more than […]

  • Always open in List view

    I have been using a Mac for over 22 years at this point, and I still have Finder windows open with a view of files in something other than List view. It drives me crazy every time. I like list view for the same reason I like ll and ls -la on the command line. […]

  • Snow Managment

    Snow Managment

    When it starts snowing in our area of Colorado you need to be ready with some type of plan. If you want to be able to use your driveway or porch you need to figure out when and where you are going to start moving snow. This isn’t like mowing the lawn where if you […]

  • Getting Educated on Trails

    Getting Educated on Trails

    Last year I wrote about building Kiss of Cactus and Fenceline trail on our land. I learned how to build those from years of hiking and riding trails. I also read a lot of websites and watched some Youtube Videos talking about design and technique. In June I talked about how my local trail group, […]

  • Tubeless Tire Valve Stem Repair

    Back on the bike today, first time in a week. Since the weather turned cold I have been riding mainly on the weekend. During the week its too cold in the morning and too dark after work to ride. Unfortunately the valve stem on my front tire started to leak and I was only able […]

  • Wax off, wax on : 92/100

    A few months ago I wrote about changing by bike chain lubrication to a wax based system. Shortly after then I reduced my bike riding considerably and the wax testing fell off the radar. I was still riding with the wax chains. However I had not done a re-waxing of the chains. The reason for […]