Never not felt better

One truth I have relearned multiple times is that I need to get up and do something first thing in the morning. Usually that is a workout of some kind: cycling, yoga, strength training, This gives me time to wake up before I try to be productive with my day. Waking up is more than just opening my eyes and getting out of bed.

The body has been at rest for hopefully at least 7 hours. If I am going to be awake, focused, present, and enjoying my day I need to spend time waking up all of my body. This helps me stay comfortable in my seat which means I can think about my work instead of my aching back. After doing a workout I have never not felt better.

The problem is that before I do the workout I really don’t wanna do it. There are times when I am tired, or sick, and I should either stay in bed, or skip the workout. Most of the time when my mind is telling me to stay in bed it’s because my mind doesn’t wanna. We are all pleasure seekers, and a warm bed is pretty nice.


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