Set your alarm for bedtime

We are getting our alarm clocks all wrong. Everyone sets their alarm for when they want to wake up. We don’t take into account when we go to bed. If you set your alarm for 6am but goto bed at 1am, thats only 5 hours of sleep.

At this point it’s pretty much decided that we all need 7 to 8 hours of sleep everyday. If you need to get up at 6am then you should be going to bed at 10/11pm. If you set your alarm for when you need to goto sleep then you may not even need a wake up alarm. I know that I wake up a few minutes before 6am if I get to bed around 10pm.

One neat feature of iOS is the Sleep section of the Health app. In this section you can set your sleep schedule for any days you want. I only set it for weekdays so that I can sleep in on the weekends. There is also a wind down setting which I set to 45 minutes. This notifies me at 9:15pm each night that my scheduled sleep time of 10pm is coming soon.

I am not perfect about getting to bed on time but I am trying. When I do get consistent sleep everything else is better, this I know.


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