House at night shot from the hot tub. House is lit by string of lights. There is snow around the house.

Winter: part deux

When it snows and the snow stays on the ground for more than a week, it is winter. We had that happen in early December and then got hit with a couple more snow storms into early January. In total we got close to 2 feet of snow in that timeframe. We cross country skied on the property there was so much snow.

Then it decided to be spring for about a month. There were no snowstorms and the snow on the ground almost completely melted. We had a frozen culvert and a temporary reflecting pond. We went on a couple of bike rides. It was nice, but we really need it to snow.

Thankfully this week we are back to winter. It started snowing Monday night and I was shoveling and blowing snow Tuesday morning and evening. It kept snowing and I shoveled this morning. It slowed today and I soaked in the hot tub after work. I did have to shovel a little bit to clear the path to the hot-tub, but nothing serious.

As the winter storms have come and gone our snow management strategy has evolved. Kate clears the upper and lower decks. I clear the driveway, and clear a path to and around the cabin and hot-tub. Its a good division of labor and we stay out of each others way.

At the start of the season I only had a small shovel. I have upgraded to a more substantial push shovel and the beast Cub Cadet snow blower. Initially my plan around the garage was to clear the path for the cars to leave. This meant I was piling snow up on each side of the driveway.

The problem with piling snow is that it gets compacted which means it takes longer to melt. Anytime you pile snow somewhere its going to be there for a while. It will melt and re-freeze and become solid where you cannot shovel it again. Eventually it will turn to ice which requires a pick axe or blow torch to remove.

My new plan is to clear all snow around the garage door/driveway area to the ditch on the other side of the driveway. I push and blow all the snow completely off of the road. This makes it possible for us to drive our cars and also means that in a couple of weeks the entire driveway will be clear of snow. The pile in the ditch will take the longest to melt.

The good news is that with all of the rowing I have been doing I am in pretty ok shape for shoveling snow. It is amazing how quickly you start sweating even when its below freezing outside.


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