Heavy News Day

Russia invaded the Ukraine today. Its been coming for weeks if not longer but now it has happened. Putin has ordered his people to take over the Ukraine or parts of it anyway. They have captured the infamous nuclear power plant Chernobyl and are apparently holding the staff hostage.

Yet I went to work like every other day and did my job like every other day. The war was mentioned by a few people in Slack and all agreed that it was terrible and sad news. Maybe there were fewer meme’s posted in #random today. I posted a photo of an icicle that looks like Cthulhu.

Sign of the apocalypse?

My desire to doom scroll about the war is incredible. It’s the main story on every news site. The Guardian has at least 12 stories above the fold on the homepage. The coverage is going to be non stop over the top for days and weeks. I can only imagine how social media has exploded.

It’s sad and terrible news. I feel horrible for the Ukrainian people and all of the soldiers involved. I hope that it ends as soon as possible.

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