Frozen culvert

Frozen culvert

Drainage is an important consideration when building anything. When it rains or snows the water eventually flows downhill. If the downhill is blocked by a road you need to place a culvert to drain the water under and past the road.

This is from almost 4 years ago shortly after we had the driveway built. We had a culvert added just about where the water is widest.
Culvert installed. This is the downhill end ready to let water drain away.

This year we have a new issue. The culvert froze up and created a similar pond to the one above. I have been trying to figure out how to clear ice from inside of the culvert but short of having a high pressure water system that can also heat it up I think I’ve just gotta wait it out.

You can see the uphill end of the culvert in the center of this shot. There is ice blocking the pipe a few feet inside.

One nice advantage of having the uninvited pond is the killer night shot.

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