Fixing Safari in MacOS

A new trend in browsers is hiding the full path of the URL/domain you are visiting. For example if I goto the Kinsta Features page in Safari the default display of the URL looks like this: Notice the in the location bar? This is being done for non-expert users to make things more ‘simple’…… Continue reading Fixing Safari in MacOS

New MacBook Air M1

Apple released new MacBooks last fall running on Apple Chips known as the M1. These use arm architecture chips to keep power use low but still run really fast. Its the same type of chips that the iPhone and iPad have been using for 10 years. They replace the Intel style x86 chips that have…… Continue reading New MacBook Air M1

Pandemic Banana Split

2020 was a wild year. New job, global pandemic, house planning, cabin finishing, and cold weather riding. To cope we have stayed on top of exercising and eating well. We have found hobbies in woodworking and sourdough bread making, respectively. Even with all of that the year got pretty intense. We needed something at the…… Continue reading Pandemic Banana Split

Weird AI

The Open AI project announced DALL-E today which is something machine learning that something something creates images from text by something something. I have read the blog post announcing it a number of times and feel that I understand what they are saying. However I still don’t really understand any of what they are saying.…… Continue reading Weird AI

COVID Cannonball Run

The Cannonball Run is an unofficial speed record that requires driving across the USA from NYC to Los Angeles. It was made popular by 2 movies with the name from the 80’s. In December of 2020 Kate and I did a COVID Cannonball Run when we drove non-stop from Mancos, CO to Williamsburg, VA. We…… Continue reading COVID Cannonball Run

Acting ‘as if’

In high school my best friend Melissa told me: “If you want to be cool you just need 1 other person to think you are cool. Then if you think you are cool and that other person thinks you are cool, you are cool.” I always loved that saying and tie it together with acting…… Continue reading Acting ‘as if’

Audio Books for Jan 2020

Dave Winer listed some audiobooks he was recommended. I am interested in these: Lets go 2021!