Getting solar installed

One thing we designed our home to have is a large south facing steep roof. This gives us a perfect platform to install solar panels. The initial plan is to have them tied to the grid to offset our electrical usage. This saves us all of the money we pay for power and helps reduce the need for coal powered electrical generation.

They got cool trucks.

Today the solar installation crew showed up and got to work. They got all of the roof racking installed and most of the inverter and electrical wiring. On Monday they will be back to complete the panel install.

Rack em up!
14 of the 34 panels

Once that is done we have to wait a week for the state inspector to approve the install. Then the electric company will come by to check everything is connected to the grid correctly. Then we will be live.


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  1. Awesome! I was JUST looking into Solar for out house in hopes to offset the electric bill. Waiting to hear back on the initial estimate to see if its something that we want to do.

    1. Thanks. We did it for our home in Phoenix ten years ago and it was a no brainer. Paid for itself within six years. Make sure you own the system. Do not lease.

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