Auger : 51/100

One thing I briefly mentioned in my post about Solar Panels is that we are mounting them on a pole. We are doing this because we have a flat roof on the cabin that we may eventually build a deck on. Additionally since it is a flat roof the snow will accumulate and block the…… Continue reading Auger : 51/100

Halfway : 50/100

Holy moly we are halfway through the 100 days of blogging challenge! In some ways it feels like the time has flown by but I remember days where I scrambled to come up with something to write about. Also we are only halfway there so who knows what might happen. What I do know is…… Continue reading Halfway : 50/100

Batteries : 45/100

Featured image is of the smoke from the East Canyon forest fire. It started around 1pm and is about 10 miles from us. We are not in any immediate danger except the smoke may blow our direction and be annoying. Welcome to Colorado in a dry summer. Solar Yesterday I did the second part of…… Continue reading Batteries : 45/100

AC vs DC : 44/100

A few posts back I talked about solar for our cabin. That was the start of a multi part series about how we designed the system and then may have parts of the installation of the system. In the first part I talked about Grid Tie vs Off Grid and some of the ins and…… Continue reading AC vs DC : 44/100