Put a lid on it!

The house build continues to progress. Yesterday the roofers completed the standing seam metal roof. I guess I had gotten used to seeing the green seal, which they installed back in June, because it really struck me how much better the roof looks now! Manufacturing the roof panels on site. One of the coolest parts…… Continue reading Put a lid on it!

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Insulating Concrete Form

In the design of our home I have ceded almost all territory to Kate. The bedrooms, bathrooms, general living areas, and kitchen are hers to design and rule. I have asked for 3 things: a full basement, a large garage, and a large section of southern facing roof for solar. Of these 3 things the…… Continue reading Insulating Concrete Form

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Put Solar on it

For a second we didn’t think we would put solar panels on our new home’s roof. We had forgotten about doing the same thing on our home in Phoenix over 10 years ago. We had forgotten about living off grid in our trailer for 6 years and we had forgotten about putting solar on our…… Continue reading Put Solar on it

Green Home Building

Earlier today we had a call with our designer and it was very productive. We are both happy with how it is progressing and the designer is providing good feedback to help us along. One goal with the design is to have a complete set of instructions for building our home. There will be a…… Continue reading Green Home Building

Here we go!

The Grassland house project is underway! We had a great Zoom call with a designer/structural engineer this morning for over an hour. Based on the call we are going to move forward with him and his team to get architectural drawings of the house fully designed over the next few weeks. At the end of…… Continue reading Here we go!