Finished standing seam roof

Put a lid on it!

The house build continues to progress. Yesterday the roofers completed the standing seam metal roof. I guess I had gotten used to seeing the green seal, which they installed back in June, because it really struck me how much better the roof looks now!

Manufacturing the roof panels on site.

One of the coolest parts of the roof installation was that the roof was mostly manufactured on site. They have a trailer with rolls of sheet metal that get processed into the final shape and lengths on site. This was really neat to see in person.

Roof parts ready for installation.

Once they manufactured the parts they got up on the roof and installed them. It took 3 days to get the whole roof done and it looks really great.

We went with a metal roof because we live in an area that is prone to forest fires and, for the most part, metal does not catch on fire. Also maintenance of a metal roof is pretty much zero, especially when it is a standing seam metal roof.

We spent the extra money for a standing seam roof because it will last a lot longer than other types of metal roofs. On a standing seam roof all fasteners that penetrate the roof are covered by the next panel via the standing seam. The seam clicks together and protects the fastener from the elements and the roof stays attached.

The exterior of the house it pretty much done at this point. The drywall texture is finishing up and then we start paint and then trim. The goal is currently to move in by Nov 5th. Fingers are crossed.


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