Morning routine

Dog walk

For most of my life my morning routine was: get up and get to work. I would squeeze in a shower and coffee and maybe some breakfast but for the most part it was a scramble to get to work. This persisted up till about a year ago when I decided to make and change and start getting up earlier.

At first I would get up and go for a walk. Sometimes I would take the dogs. Then I would get back home and make coffee and maybe go for a bike ride or exercise. Then we got a hot-tub.

Having a hottub is kinda magical. I like to get up and after placing my contacts go for a 15 minute soak. This is before I look at my phone or even brush my teeth. I want to get into the water as soon as I can so that I can wake up while I relax.

It’s a great way to start my day. I sit there and watch the sun come up and hit the landscape. I watch the birds on the feeders, but mostly I try to meditate and not think about anything except for my breathing. I also stretch my toes by crouching on them in the water.

Once I am outta the tub I dry off and take the dogs for a walk or go for a bike ride. These times let me continue my meditation but with movement which I find to be an easier way for me to meditate. Sometimes I listed to music or podcasts or audiobooks but more and more I don’t put in headphones at all.

Once that is done I might do some strength exercising for an hour or so. This is another newer thing for me and the benefits are both visible and invisible. I feel stronger but I also don’t feel as sore or achy. I try to mix it up and get all muscle groups. Lately I have been doing some hip hop dance classes. I am terrible but its fun and a workout.

With all of that activity done I make a smoothie, shower up, and get ready for work.

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