Mancos in the morning

Lazy Coffee Rides

Some days I just want to get a nice easy ride in. Riding to town is about 24 to 30 minutes each way. There is a decent, a climb, and a decent and then I am at the main coffee shop in town: Fahrenheit Coffee Roasters . I grab an espresso and, if they have any, a tart. Today it was a cherry tart and it was delicious.

It is starting to cool down in the mornings here. The weather report said it was 52F but it felt a little chillier than that. Especially when I hit the low points of the 2 valleys I have to cross into town. I guess I will have to start pulling out the warmer biking clothes: skull cap, tights, and warmer gloves.

The sun is also coming up significantly later. In June and July I could leave home about 6am and the sun would be close to peaking over the San Juan mountains. Now it is after 7 until that happens. It’s always interesting to see how the seasons change because of that giant ball of fire in the sky.

The ride home was very pleasant as the Sun was up and shining its warm rays on my back. Sometimes its nice to just easy pedal back home and get ready for the day.

The house construction is coming along well. Drywall should be done this week and paint starts next week. The roofers finally showed up to finish the standing seam and I have to start planning my garage/workshop.

Fortunately the Weekend Woodworker has added a new course for setting up a workshop. I have his first course and built some nice furniture. The videos are well done and he gives some helpful tips and tricks that this n00b needs. So far he has me rethinking the lighting and using these LED shoplights: Barrina LED Shop Light, 8FT 72W 9000LM 5000K . They are LED replacements of fluorescent shop lights, so no flicker, no exploding bulbs, and massive energy use reduction.

Next I am thinking of putting an epoxy coating on the garage floor to protect the concrete from stains and stuff. The concrete floor looks so good that this will hurt a little to do, but in the long run it will stay more clean.

Now I just need the builders to finish. 🤣


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