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  • Trail work day – Lost Chicken drainage improvement

    Trail work day – Lost Chicken drainage improvement

    Wow it’s September already! How ya been? My excuses for not posting in a while are all valid and award winning. Basically I got busy and needed to focus on other things. Sorry. Our local trails group, Mancos Trails Group, has been busy all summer with multiple trail work days. Today we spent over 5 […]

  • Finding the route

    Finding the route

    strava.app.link/ZwMdyhCyrrb Last weekend I did this ride in part to find a better way down the mountains to the east of my home. The Mancos Spur Trail is a collection of trails that connect my town of Mancos to the Colorado Trail. It is primarily a hiking trail and isn’t the most friendly for riding […]

  • Eleven


    Yesterday was the eleventh anniversary of our wedding on 3/11/11. Last year we went on a week long bike ride through southeastern Arizona. This year we took a long weekend and are gonna get four days of skiing and snowboarding in at Crested Butte ski resort. Neither of us have visited Crested Butte in the […]

  • Snow Managment

    Snow Managment

    When it starts snowing in our area of Colorado you need to be ready with some type of plan. If you want to be able to use your driveway or porch you need to figure out when and where you are going to start moving snow. This isn’t like mowing the lawn where if you […]

  • Surprise party!

    Surprise party!

    On Saturday my plan was to work on the garage a bit, and then Kate and I were gonna watch a movie at 7pm. Kate was busy with various chores, and was going to hang out with some friends in the afternoon. It was going to be a pretty perfect day, as far as I […]

  • Winter is here!

    Winter is here!

    I wanted to get a sunrise shot this morning with my drone. The operating temperature for my drone is 32F and it was 0F this morning. I figured I should get at least a few minutes of operating time if I take the drone from the warm house outside and move quickly. I was wrong. […]

  • Building a forever home – 3/100

    Building a forever home – 3/100

    Kate and I moved into our new home almost 3 weeks ago. Awesome is the word that sums up the entire situation. We designed the home to be exactly what we wanted based on a few criteria: It will be our forever home, we wanted to highlight the views of the La Plata mountain range […]

  • Making Trails

    Making Trails

    In the last 2 years I have been working with the Mancos Trails Group (MTG) to maintain and build public use trails in our area. At first it was a selfish endeavor: I wanted to learn how to build and maintain trails on my land. There is little information online that I was able to […]

  • Monday Morning Ride

    Monday Morning Ride

    Had some hesitation for this morning’s ride. Its a strength day so I want to avoid over exercising, which is a lame excuse cause I don’t workout that hard. It is also dark longer in the morning so I was worried about visibility. However, once I was up and soaked in the hot tub I […]

  • Lazy Coffee Rides

    Lazy Coffee Rides

    Some days I just want to get a nice easy ride in. Riding to town is about 24 to 30 minutes each way. There is a decent, a climb, and a decent and then I am at the main coffee shop in town: Fahrenheit Coffee Roasters . I grab an espresso and, if they have […]