Finding the route

Last weekend I did this ride in part to find a better way down the mountains to the east of my home. The Mancos Spur Trail is a collection of trails that connect my town of Mancos to the Colorado Trail. It is primarily a hiking trail and isn’t the most friendly for riding a bike on.

Challenge accepted.

Two weekends ago I had Kate shuttle me up into the mountains so I could try part of the route out. That ride went well till I hit one section of the trail which proved to be mostly un-rideable. I was so upset after that section that it almost ruined the entire day. Eventually I recovered but it made me wonder if there wasn’t a better route to ride down.

After taking with a good friend I came up with the route you see here. While it still has one additional improvement I can make it is a much more enjoyable route.

In two weeks the plan is for a small group of us to start an additional six miles out and ride from Kennebec pass. Those six miles are no joke though and cover terrain that is entirely above tree line. That leaves us exposed to weather and also means that the ground is mainly made up of rocks.

Having the remaining 20+ miles scoped out is going to be helpful though. Once we get through those first six miles I’ll know where we will want to go and hopefully we will finish with smiles on our faces.


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