A good day to ride


Good day to ride fast. We got Kate a new/used road bike. So we had to do a 27.8 mile break in ride around our neighborhood. I like this ride cause about 30 minutes in we stop at the local coffee shop For caffeine and cherry tarts. We also spend half the ride or more on backroads with much less traffic.

Kate riding her road bike towards the camera. Mesa verde national park entrance behind her to the right.
Bottom of the hill.
Field or purple lavender to the right of the road. Tree truck frames the left side of the frame.
Purple durple.
Four multi colored wind socks with long tails. Some glitter in the sun. Mesa verde national park in the background.
Freedom flags flying proudly.
Our local bison herd in a field. The bottom of the frame is a glimpse of pavement and then a silver roadside guard rail. Behind the bison are pine trees and then multiple snow covered peaks of the San Juan mountain range. Blue sky with various clouds are at the top of the frame.
Bison not buffalo


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