Sprints : 19/100

Some days are a series of sprints, one after another, until you collapse, or are ready to. Today was one of those days. It started with a morning workout of nine 10 second sprints on the bike. Then work ended up being a lot of sprints. Suddenly the day is over and I am ready…… Continue reading Sprints : 19/100

Routine : 18/100

Having a daily routine for chores, meals, and exercise is generally a good thing. The times when it isn’t is when there is a disruption to the routine. Adjusting to some type of interference in our daily routine is challenging. I still struggle with this but have found a few helpful things that keep me…… Continue reading Routine : 18/100

Wax on : 16/100

After your tires the bike chain is the most used piece of equipment. A chain is as critical as the bearings in your wheels and bottom bracket, but it gets none of the protection. Keeping a chain clean and lubricated is a constant process. The main method of lubricating a bike chain is with grease…… Continue reading Wax on : 16/100