Lazy Sunday

Last night was a friends birthday so we stayed up pretty late. This lead to us sleeping in this morning and deciding to have a lazy Sunday. Besides walking the dogs we accomplished only eating and watching various movies all day.

We started the day off with Get him to the Greek. This is one of the first movies I took Kate to that she really enjoyed. We had not seen it since it first came out and it was as funny as we remember it. This is a raunchy and offensive movie.

After that we watched a forgettable movie with Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston. For some reason we watched the entire movie.

After that we went documentary with The Alpinist. This is an adventure documentary about a Canadian free solo climber Marc-André Leclerc. Its a fascinating movie about who Marc-Andre was and the crazy ass climbs that he did. This guy makes Free Solo with Alex Honnold look like kids in the playground.

We got a couple of stand up comedies in but nothing worth sharing.

Overall we did a great job at doing as little as possible. We managed to eat most of the snacks in the house and I think the dogs had a nice time.


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  1. holy mother of god! i honestly thought that Alex Honnold hold the terrace, of crazyness, but oh boy this is a skyskraper!

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