Rest Day! 11/100

The existential dilemma of blogging. My colleague, Jon, talks about the difficulty of writing about your life’s personal details and publishing them for the world to read:

I have this mental block when it comes to sharing the mundane details of my life in public on the internet. The mental block has nothing to do with privacy. Rather, I don’t think anyone should care that I worked out, what I had for lunch, or that I’m having a good hair day. And I feel a little narcissistic even going through the motions of posting about the mundane.

Day 11: Musings on Self-Disclosure and a Workout Log

I commented on his blog that I have this issue every. time. I. blog. In fact part of the purpose of doing this 100 day challenge is to help me get past this hangup. Jon puts it best in why he is still going to post:

1. It may connect me with someone else.

2. It will force me to stop and form coherent thoughts.

3. It will sharpen my writing skills.

See above citation

I dig all of these reasons and would say he has met all 3. Great post Jon and thanks for helping remind me why I am doing this as well.

Naturally I found an article about writing in Hacker News just as I was writing this part of my post:

More and more people are being exposed to working remotely. One of the key factors for success in a remote workplace is a culture of written communication. It’s not always obvious how to create such a culture, and it takes at least some level of discipline from the people involved to make it a habit.

Encouraging a Culture of Written Communication

While this article talks more about posting in Slack-like public channels the overall theme is that writing takes practice. Why not practice writing by writing about stuff you do all the time? There is plenty of material and the challenge to make it interesting to others is considerable. If you can make your workouts/ interesting then writing about business decisions that affect your company should be a breeze.


Fun video. The production value is hilarious.

That was a fun but exhausting weekend. I slept for 9.5 hours last night and it was glorious. My body definitely needs a little rest.

Workout Details:

Today is supposed to be strength training. I was not in the mood this morning at all. Got a nice sleep in for a few hours and felt refreshed. Was considering not doing the workout today but the sunset was too good to not do something. At first I was gonna do yoga or stretching but the music got me amped up and I did the recommended routine.

Pull ups are holding steady at 3 reps a set. I added 2 sets for a total of 5 today. The last set was more like 1.5 but I went for 3. I am trying to get all reps clean from the lowest point to collar bone to bar. Feeling good about the progress overall. Sometimes my elbow starts hurting when I train pull ups but that doesn’t seem to be an issue so far. Something to be aware of however.

Overall its been another great day. I hope yours was good too.


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  1. Pull ups are tough. I do sets of six but they are NOT of the quality you’re describing:

    “I am trying to get all reps clean from the lowest point to collar bone to bar.”

    My first one or two might be like that, after that it’s more point my chin straight up in the air and just try to get it to clear the bar by a hair’s width. 🙂

    I need to pull my reps back a little and focus on quality like you’re doing here. There’s no substitute for getting in that full range of motion.

    1. Word. The struggle is real.

      I think I have also managed to lose some weight over the last few months. I think that helps. 😂

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