Technology and Exercise : 13/100

Do I need to have an Apple Watch? Absolutely not. Does it help me stay organized and motivated to stay active? Totally.

My most used watch face

Completing the circles is a daily habit so I put them in the center spot. To the right is Workouts so I can click into there and start a workout. Back to the left corner is the stopwatch. I use this for my strength workouts to ensure I take a long enough rest between sets. I also use the stopwatch for cooking and various reminders throughout the day. In the center I have whatever is currently playing either on my Watch or iPhone. I can quickly glance to see what song is playing. If I click on it I can pause, skip back, skip forward, and like the song to add it to my Library. Above that is just standard watch stuff: date and time.

Workout Detail

Today is strength training and I changed things up a little. Instead of doing the full recommended routine, I did pull ups and dips. I rested for 3 full minutes between every set and did 5×3 pull ups then 3×6 dips. During the rests I put my new lawnmower together.


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