Maintenance : 14/100

What do I want to write about today? So many options and yet so little determination to make a decision. I have to work in just over 30 minutes so I need to make this quick.

Its Thursday which means we are close to the weekend. Close enough that I am already making plans:

  • Mow the yard
  • Work on the old Trek, replace chain, tune up
  • Get fitness test done on Saturday
  • Go for long slow ride with Kate on Sunday
  • Work on the workshop

Before then I am going to try out a new-to-me technique of waxing my bike chain. Basically you take a new chain and strip it down to bare metal by soaking it in gasoline, then de-greaser, then denatured alcohol. Then you heat up parrafin wax and mix in some powdered teflon in a crockpot. You let the chain soak in the wax for 15 minutes and then pull it out to dry. Then you ride with it. About every 200 miles you pull the chain off and rinse the dirt and exterior wax off with boiling water. The chain gets another dip in the wax and you continue riding.

Based on the following video this technique keeps everything super clean and smooth. Which results in the drive train lasting much longer. Also there are a lot fewer chemicals used over the life of the chain compared to typical lubrication techniques.

This guy is the new sham wow man!

I am documenting the process and will report as things progress.

Workout details:

We are still in the rest week so today’s ride was a simple 1 hour cruise at heart rate level 2. I went right out the driveway to Road 40 today. The temperature was a little crisp and my butt was a little tired. Still the sun was shining and I was smiling.

I hope your day is going well!


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