Examination : 15/100

15 days in and the challenge to find out what to write about is for real. Compared to what is happening in the news, my everyday life seems simple and unremarkable. Is that because it is simple, or because I haven’t spent enough time examining it?

The unexamined life is not worth living


Should I expect to be able to write amazing literature after only 15 days of trying? Is part of the challenge that my expectations need to be adjusted? Today I am trying something new: writing this post in between my work out sets. Maybe this will help me to formulate something more insightful? Currently its making me feel a little rushed.

Silicon Exodus

Here is an article I have been waiting to read for years: Tech Workers consider escaping Silicon Valley’ Sky High Rents

It seems ironic that the people building the internet driven world, that I work remotely on, are tied to a physical area like Silicon Valley. I understand that the VC money is there, and that is why the companies are based there, but the workers can be anywhere.

The article mentions a couple with a 1 bedroom apartment paying over $2500 a month. In the current mortgage market they could have a $500,000 mortgage and probably pay less a month. In my rural area you can get a 1600 sq foot house on 10 acres for that much.

If I was a realtor I would be figuring out how to target the workers in Silicon Valley with these types of deals. Wide open spaces. Unlimited outdoor activities. The catch will be good internet access and amenities.

Listening To:

The Comeback by Daniel de Vise, narrated by Pete Cross on Audible. Its the bio of Greg LeMond and his cycling career. I was 10 years old when he won his first Tour de France and recall the excitement many people had about it. Its a great story of talent and drive.

In one part of the story Greg’s own team works against him in the 1986 Tour to help another rider on the team. At one point Greg tells a reporter: “If they are going to crash me out of the race I wish they would just do it.” The anxiety of who would conspire against him next was driving him crazy.

This happens in business when an employer, employee, vendor, or customer are not being totally honest. We can say a lot of things but the action we take tells the other people in the transaction where we really stand. Are we in the deal to make a partnership so that everyone does better? Or are we just looking out for ourselves?


I gotta learn how todo this

Workout Details:

Today is back to strength training. I did the same workout from Wednesday and focused on pull ups and dips. I am trying to get my pull ups to improve but it is important to counter the pull with a push. In this case the dip exercise is a perfect match.

I have always been able to do dips so they are kinda fun. Currently I am trying to focus on form and also avoiding injuring my elbows.

Happy Friday!


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  1. I’m surprised you have to trim your dogs’ nails. I never trim mine. They do get trimmed 2x per year at the vet, but we don’t ever do it ourselves. Maybe it’s the walking on asphalt that does it for ours? We walk them 2-4x per day on our road, which is aspalt. They don’t stay on the road all the time. I don’t usually leash them, so they run around here and there, and I guess that little bit of time spend running on the road gets the job done as they never seem to get too long.

    1. Yes unfortunately Dazey’s nails need to be trimmed. Enzo is not as bad but still needs them trimmed occasionally.

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