Sprints : 19/100

Some days are a series of sprints, one after another, until you collapse, or are ready to. Today was one of those days. It started with a morning workout of nine 10 second sprints on the bike. Then work ended up being a lot of sprints. Suddenly the day is over and I am ready to stop sprinting.

Ideally you don’t need to sprint all day. Ideally you have things planned out and there are no distractions. Unfortunately we live in reality. The important part is to make sure that in between the sprints you take a moment to breath. During that moment you check in with yourself and everything else that is going on.

During a workout you may want to take a sip of water. You should also check your watch to tell how long a rest you need to take. Maybe shift down a few gears to recover.

At work you may want to check your messages in which ever platform you use. If you have a lot of urgent work that will require repeated sprints then you will want to prioritize them. Priority may be a certain client or just whatever has been around the longest. It may also be something that is preventing other things from working. Determine the priority and then move to get things done.

Workout Detail

L6+ sprints 3 sets 3 x 10″ (structured) is the name of the workout. L6+ means maximum effort, all you got. Sprints means high gear short burst. There are 3 sets. In those 3 sets are three 10 second sprints.

Between the sprints you get 3 minutes of rest. Between the sets you get 5 minutes of rest. It helps to find a hill with a 3-5% grade so that you can push as hard as possible with no chance of it being easy.

This was my first sprint workout in over 6 years. It was fun and different. I was a little nervous about keeping count of everything. Since the workout was broken up into 3 sets it was easier to keep count though. It will be interesting to see how my legs feel tomorrow.

Happy sprinting!


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