A Sunday in Hell

Classic documentary of the Paris-Roubaix professional road bike race from 1976 (the year I was born). Pretty sure this is the first time I have watched it. Fun movie considering how old it is. I think they only have 50mm or larger lenses back then, almost claustrophobic to watch at times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6004&v=zxBTVU9JDrA&feature=emb_title Its crazy how…… Continue reading A Sunday in Hell

Force reps training ride

Today was the first ride of week 2 of the 40+ 12 week base mountain bike training program that I started last week. The plan today was what the plan refers to as a force reps workout. Basically the workout is focused around 10 reps of maximum effort for 10 pedal strokes. Then rest for…… Continue reading Force reps training ride

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Hello world!

Welcome to Roger Bikes where you can learn all about Roger biking. This site is very serious about being serious so if you aren’t taking this serious then you might want to reconsider your seriousness. In all seriousness though I created this site as part of a 100 days of blogging challenge that I set…… Continue reading Hello world!