COVID Cannonball Run

The Cannonball Run is an unofficial speed record that requires driving across the USA from NYC to Los Angeles. It was made popular by 2 movies with the name from the 80’s.

In December of 2020 Kate and I did a COVID Cannonball Run when we drove non-stop from Mancos, CO to Williamsburg, VA. We did it in the dually truck and completed the drive in a bit over 33 hours.

Initially we had planned to camp out a couple of nights as we drove to VA. The purpose of our trip was to spend the holidays with Kate’s dad as his wife of 50 years had passed in March. As the departure date approached we noted that a large winter storm was coming and it was determined that we should leave the night before our planned departure.

As we started driving we decided to swap sleeping while the other drove. I got about 7 hours in and got us to Amarillo Texas on my first shift. Kate took us another 7 hours into Arkansas. I then got us a bit past Nashville. Kate drove till Knoxville. I did my last shift to Blacksburg VA and Kate got us the rest of the way.

We only stopped at gas stations and 1 burger king. Overall it was kinda crazy and I would recommend taking shorter shifts to keep each other more fresh. We will be heading back in a few weeks. Currently we are thinking of staying in a hotel for 1 night but with how the outbreaks are going in the south and mid west right now we might just keep on truckin.


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